May 132007

Window Rock, Arizona
This is the Navajo Nation Capital, and the town is named after this. In front of this sacred formation is the Navajo Nation government buildings. There is a park in front of this beautiful rock formation with a veterans memorial and a statue of a Navajo Code Talker with info on the Code Talkers, and how these Navajos used their language as a code system during World War 2. Image is 35mm film…

  7 Responses to “Window Rock, Arizona”

  1. damn beautiful shot!

  2. Fantastic shot, great scene!

  3. Beautiful scene, the colors are fantastic. Well captured.

  4. Very nice composition. The rock, the ground and the sky.

  5. same comments as previous (i) the vignetting; and (ii) the clouds are blown out

  6. Truly amazing formation. And colors are beautiful.

  7. Stunning rock formation!

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