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Uncle Sam’s Parking

Uncle Sam's Parking
You guys, I really have a lot of Polaroids… I’d like to post more on this photoblog. The problem is limited access to resources to be able to scan these. So I’m going to be saving for an Apple iBook, and a film/flatbed scanner. It is going to be a while. But often as time permits, I’ll try to scan some Polaroids. Also, I’m shooting a lot of film and have a lot of good images. So time is of the essence! :0)

Hackberry General Store – Route 66

Hackberry General Store - Route 66

Whitmore Point Overlook

Whitmore Point Overlook
One place that 99.9% of Grand Canyon visitors have never been. The white balance in this photograph had a tungsten cast to it. Luckily it didn’t compromise the image though…