Aug 212007

Pictograph Mural, 800-2,000 Years Old
Southern Utah… This was left by the ancient cultures or ancestors of the modern day Pueblo which now reside in present day New Mexico and Arizona. Archeologists refer to this ancient peoples as the Freemont or Anasazi. They have left scores of Rock Art found through-out the state of Utah and the Southwest. This pictgraph is part of a much larger mural found at this site, which spans roughly around a hundred feet!

Aug 202007

Dead Pine at Cedar Breaks National Monument
This is my first HDR Image. I’m not really one to do this type of stuff, but if I start auto-bracketing some of my exposures to be 1/3 of a stop over and under the regular exposure, I may be able to get the higher dynamic range. I would like to see more detail in the shadows and highlights of my images which have been so limited because I’ve been shooting in the middle of the day which involves a lot of hard light and strong contrast. It is something that my digital Point and Shoots can’t seem to handle… I’m experimenting with the free HDR programs out there, to see which one is best? This is a powerful tool that I would use to bring out those details, but I can see that some people tend to over-use and abuse the technology? Anyways, I like my photos to look somewhat traditional and natural. If you look at the clouds, they seem to be blurred by motion, that is because the three images I shot at the base of this dead tree were all hand-held. This is interesting stuff!