Jun 132008

A Young Cottonwood Grove
I know where all the wild cottowood groves grow around Iron County. The are scarce but very beautiful wherever they are found. I’m not talking about the mountainous areas of the county, I’m referring to areas where you’ll find a small oasis here and there…

Jun 112008

Parowan - Evil Waters
This is Parowan. It is a Paiute word which stands for Evil Waters or so I’ve heard. Most of the water that used to fill this lake has been rerouted to irrigate alfalfa fields all over Parowan Valley. According to local folklore there was a monster that used to live in this area that would devour people and it lived in the water. When I’ve spent too much time in the hills around there, I come home and have dreams filled with roaming dust devils and such. So I am trying to portray the mystery that imbues this area. On Utah state maps it is referred to as Little Salt Lake.