Jun 292009

Nice Indians Behind You!
If you have spent a majority of your time traveling across the Navajo Reservation your bound to have passed by this sign on the way to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This is left over from the remnants of an old roadside stand that was called Chief Yellowhorse’s Trading Post. There used to be another sign that proclaimed: “Chief Yellowhorse Loves You!” I don’t see it standing up any more though. Soon, I would like to focus my lens on more of the rural decay found on the reservation because there is beauty in what I see out there. It’s kinda sad, but the emotions should be captured in images. Navajoland is a truly beautiful place!

Jun 242009

The Mormon Temple in Mesa, Arizona
I love the architecture of the LDS (Mormon) temple that is located at the heart of Mesa, Arizona. It has an ancient feel to it. Special ordinances are performed in Mormon temples and the ceremonies performed are sacred. It is disrespectful and considered sacrilegious for LDS members to discuss what happens in the temple anywhere outside of it. Once you understand the importance of the beliefs it’s not hard understand why this is.