May 252010

Mystery Place
The Abandoned Thompson Hotel is located near the town of Green River at the turn-off to Moab. As you venture through some of Utah’s rural areas your bound to stumble across unusual and even disturbing surprises.

May 202010

Cleopatra Pictograph Panel
All the locals around Canyonlands call this, Cleopatra. It’s one of my favorite pictographs, right off the Highway on your way to Hite Crossing in Glen Canyon. This style of rockart is known as the Barrier Canyon Style which is some of the oldest rockart in the state of Utah dating about 5,000-8,000 years back. I’m guessing the creature next to Cleopatra is a domesticated dog? Dogs may have played important roles in ancient Western Archaic cultures.

May 192010

Hey Human - No Smoking!
At a storefront in Rachel, Nevada, on the outskirts of Area 51. On our way back home from this trip, we stumbled upon a UFO research party about 10 miles east of Rachel along the Extraterrestrial Highway. They had their telescopes and high-tech sensors ready and alert if any saucers appeared. These characters reminded me of the X-Files TV series. The desert was still warm and inviting from the summer’s heat and the stars twinkled in their staircase of the sky. It’s moments like these and the people that you meet that make such travels very satisfying. It’s time to venture out into that country once again for another out-of-this-world experience. :)