Jun 292010

The False Construct of Pristine Wilderness
The human element is always apart of the landscape no matter how pristine people would like to think the wilderness is. We are inseparable from the environment. This is why I am such a skeptic of many environmental organizations like the Sierra Club and the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. When reading their literature they speak of the wilderness being untouched, virgin, unscathed, and pristine. It’s a false construct! It’s almost as if they are saying nobody was here before Columbus set foot in the New World.

Jun 282010

The Dead Coyote
An example is made out of an unfortunate coyote who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ranchers in Southern Utah tend to really dislike most predators. The myth is, coyotes kill and eat baby calves and lambs before they can help themselves. In reality, coyotes mostly feed on insects and small rodents and rarely do they kill livestock. The question I would ask, who has been around longer? The coyote or the rancher? There’s just something very sad about this, and deep down I feel nothing but affinity for the coyote. He represents the true freedom that most creatures will never know.

Jun 232010

Sacred Pueblo Kiva
This is a reconstruction of a sacred Pueblo Kiva at Aztec National Monument in Farmington, New Mexico. At the site, the structure is considered very sacred and you are expected to show respect when visiting the Kiva. In many Pueblo cultures the Kiva is a place of community and religious gatherings and is the equivalent of a Christian church; a place of worship.

Jun 152010

The Plastic Receptionist
Taken inside the haunted Lincoln County Courthouse in Pioche, Nevada. Pioche was considered more wild than Dodge City and Tombstone combined. It is said 75 people died in cold-blood before anyone passed away of natural causes. Pioche was a booming mining town back in its heyday!