Dec 302010

Lensbaby Magic on the Farm
50 years ago: “Come on, grandson, let us go get a load of alfalfa cubes down to IFA (Intermountain Farmers Association).” I can imagine the old-timer hollering out loud as they load up in the truck. That same truck has been sitting there for fifty years now broken down and that grandpa, he’s been gone for twenty. Let’s not forget that life is short and we end up leaving our dreams and toys behind. This photo was shot with a specialty lens known as a Lensbaby which creates this unique blur affect. No it was not concocted in photoshop. It’s the real deal! 🙂

Dec 282010

Original 19th Century Memorabilia
This is the old west museum in Pioche, Nevada. The town’s a strange place full of Nevada ghost stories. There’s an old lady in her 80s that used to volunteer at the museum but she had passed away since my last visit to the town, and it was in the museum where she past away while on her shift. If you want to know more facts about Pioche, look through my picture archive, as it is one of my favorite destinations in Southern Nevada.

Dec 272010

Pueblo Bonito in New Mexico
This was taken at the largest dwelling, Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon National Monument located two hours south of Farmington, New Mexico. In it’s prime it was considered to be the cultural center of the Anasazi Empire which stretched from Southern Utah, all the way down into the heart of New Mexico. The ancestors of the ancient Anasazi are believed to be the modern Pueblo tribes located through-out the Southwest with the largest group being the Hopi in Northern Arizona.

Dec 192010

Great Basin Highway
One of several Great Basin highways traversing through Nevada and Utah. The road truly disappears into the horizon like a vanishing point. You could break down for several hours before getting help along this stretch. It’s not because nobody wants to help but you’re lucky to see a car or two coming down the road every 3-4 hours!