Jan 282011

Tractor Needs Some Fixin'
With each passing day many undone tasks remain unfinished and then as the years progress these forgotten projects become the remnants and ruins of our civilization. My photographs are indicators that our time on this planet is very short and we tend to leave behind a lot of unfinished work. If you have property or a farm in the Southern Utah vicinity don’t be surprised to see images of it show up on my photoblog. I photograph the human landscapes from public streets and sidewalks on a daily basis. Everything is fair game. 🙂

Jan 202011

Little Reservation Pup
I took this photo a few years back of a stray dog living on the Havasupai Indian Reservation located inside the Grand Canyon. We had been hiking between the village and the campground every day and this fella followed us around the whole time. The next evening is when the big flood of August 2008 hit Havasupai and destroyed the priceless Navajo Falls. My friends & I had to be rescued. I was thinking of posting a few more images I took prior to the devastation…

Jan 092011

Nate's Adventure Club
Come on out to the Desert Southwest and I’ll guide ya through the roughest desert terrain & canyon labyrinths. Think of the deep unexplored chasms that still remain in some parts of the Grand Canyon, or the high forested plateaus of Grand Staircase National Monument. . .I’ve seen some of the most mystical places on the planet right in my own back yard. I took this photo of antique bottle caps and the idea reminded me of my favorite pixar movie titled, UP! So come and join Nate’s Adventure Club.

Jan 082011

Clouds Over Enoch
I took this photo over in the Enoch Fields on the north outskirts of Cedar City. See, photography in Iron County is way beautiful in the dead of winter. In fact, I think wintertime is my favorite time to shoot images of the land! 🙂

Jan 022011

The Road to Beryl
I feel like this is apart of a film or something etched out of time. There’s something stark and strange to Southern Utah’s landscape and I hope to get to the bottom of it. This is just a cliche shot of a road but there’s more to it than meets the eye.