Jun 152011

Richardson's Cash & Pawn, Gallup, New Mexico
I don’t know whether a company like this is beneficial to Indian people (artisans, weavers, jewelers & such) or is more of an exploiter of Native culture? I’m not accusing them of such, but this isn’t even one of those questionable non-profit organizations “dedicated” to preserving Indian culture. When scrutinizing these companies that capitalize on Indian arts & crafts, you have to wonder just how much they contribute to the greater health of both native and non-native people in New Mexico, Arizona, etc? Maybe their appearance and existence is just the continuation of the same colonialism that subjugated and destroyed indigenous cultures in the wake of westward expansion? The hearsay is that Gallup is one of the most bigoted towns in New Mexico against Indians. The town itself is in close proximity to several native communities…

Jun 142011

Dumpters Behind a Hotel in Downtown Santa Fe
I just love the stucco archetecture that composes the bulk of downtown Santa Fe. Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend enough time there to photograph the town extensively in May. I’ll be going back the first week of July on my way to the Roswell UFO festival in Southeastern New Mexico. Then, I’ll head to Odessa & El Paso Texas to pay tribute to some of the landscapes that inspired the Coen Brothers films titled, “No Country for Old Men.”

Jun 082011

Redneck Bonfire
This was a big celebration with my friends out at the ranch. I took a few pics of the fire, cropped a few, and really liked how this turned out thanks for my friend, Korean. After a few minutes, I decided I should post it to Desert Dream. Bonfires are a traditional past time for young single adults and groups of friends in Southern Utah during the summer months. Usually someone will crack their trunk open with a sub-woofer and kick on some country music!