Jul 312011

Early morning in Vegas around 7 AM. I’m going to be doing tours for the next few months around the Southwest so I may as well photograph everything and everywhere I go. It’ll help me to keep my sanity as I drive thousands of miles over the next 2-3 months. I love giving tours but I don’t have a decent social life when I am always on the road and I need some way to stay sane, so I’ll use my shutter for medicinal purposes. So stay tuned! :)

Jul 302011

I have a whole slew of Route 66 photography and I don’t know what to do with all the images except post one at a time over a long expanse of time. That’s the beauty of digital photography! It costs next to nothing to produce digital records of historical places. As I venture around the country, I hope to document everything simply for the sake of posterity and maybe someday all these images can be useful historical records or something when all of these places are long gone? I don’t know. I just love taking pictures so do I even need a valid excuse to be a photojunkie? I don’t think so…

Jul 292011

My favorite character from the Wizard of Oz hanging randomly on the fence and looking like he’s been there for several years without even being touched. Pretty cool!!

Jul 272011

This was taken during a Greyhound pit-stop on my way to Phoenix, Arizona and I always love the Sonoran Desert. If I were to pick a place to live in Arizonaland it would be Wickinburg. It’s a small podunk town with enough country folk kicking around that it would help me to feel at home. Can’t beat those small towns!

Jul 262011

Yah! Those lazy old summer days when the rain finally comes and you sit on the porch eating watermelon with Grandpa; those are the times in life worth remembering and reminiscing. It’s the days during the Monsoon that I love. Some of the most dramatic cloudscapes are captured during this time. Unfortunately, I don’t think this picture was shot in the summer! 😉

Jul 252011

In this epic battle the ruins will fade away and creep  into time. Here I am alive in the moment and my lens captures the slow eroding action. This is why photography is so powerful and essential at least to an insignificant human like me. There needs to be some type of ability for a soul to express itself and I’m an image-maker. It’s a powerful title as I capture the world with the memories soon will follow.

Jul 222011

I think I’ve said something about this before; toys tend to retain the spirit of the children that once owned and loved them. It’s kind of eerie in a way when the toy outlives the child. Browse the archives and you will see similar toy images. It’s about capturing humanity or the remnants of human existence through images whether it is ruins that haunt the landscape or an artifact that no longer is used. One day, we will all be gone from this tangible world and all that will remain are the things that we used.