Archives for July 2011

Mr. Tin Man

My favorite character from the Wizard of Oz hanging randomly on the fence and looking like he’s been there for several years without even being touched. Pretty cool!!

View From The Coyote’s Den

This was taken during a Greyhound pit-stop on my way to Phoenix, Arizona and I always love the Sonoran Desert. If I were to pick a place to live in Arizonaland it would be Wickinburg. It’s a small podunk town with enough country folk kicking around that it would help me to feel at home. Can’t beat those small towns!

Cloudscape Beyond the Haystack

Yah! Those lazy old summer days when the rain finally comes and you sit on the porch eating watermelon with Grandpa; those are the times in life worth remembering and reminiscing. It’s the days during the Monsoon that I love. Some of the most dramatic cloudscapes are captured during this time. Unfortunately, I don’t think this picture was shot in the summer! 😉