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Converse Street Shoes for Hiking

Converse All Stars are recommended for grabbing slickrock and traversing other Canyon Country terrain but take note to what happens to a perfectly white pair after an afternoon of hiking? This was my friend’s experiment to morph a brand new pair of shoes and I will follow suite. The intention is to paint the shoes the color of the land and let the soil work its way into the bright white pristine canvas. The result is quite stylish and rugged to lizards and varmints! My favorite type of shoe is capable of being ideal for the canyon and hiking. They are thin and will keep your feet close to the earth; you’ll feel every rock but they grab and keep a firm hold. I’ll be posting more photos of all my Converse. It is one of the brands I choose to adore. Maybe it all started with a photography campaign I witnessed on Flickr dedicated to All-Stars and wearing them out? 🙂 Stay tuned!

A Good Quality Tie

There’s nothing better than a heavy-duty tie for Sunday school and with a numerous variety at the local tie store. I’m not advertizing on here, therefore the store remains anonymous; I just love the texture of a good quality tie!

San Miguel Church, Built in the Early 1600s

This is considered one of the oldest churches in the United States built by the Spaniards in Santa Fe, New Mexico, around the early 1600s in the days when the land was still old Mexico.