Archives for August 2011

A Deserted House Rotting Away

Even the ragged curtain clings to the decrepit house that tries to withstand the desert’s erosion. This feels like an apocalyptic reality set in motion with no mercy from the landscape. The whole human experience is but a glitch on the geological radar. Might as well capture it in images!

Ancient Recliner in Deserted House

This chair has been sitting here for half a century, probably, dealing with the shifting sands of the desert. This abandoned house looks like the family up and left everything there almost 50 years ago. The beds, chairs, appliances, sheets, curtains, dishes are all still in the same house. I’ll post more photos in the next few weeks!

The Farmer’s Sprinklers

This is funny; it usually takes me a few weeks to figure out the characteristics of a lens to determine if I like it or not. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the Micro 4/3 Panasonic Lumix Vario 100-300mm lens. I took a couple dozen more photos similar to this with the same lens and the bokeh isn’t too shabby for a telephoto lens. The out-of-focus areas are really nice and different here and there’s a lot of dimension in this composition. So I think it was a wise choice to invest in this lens. Last week I sold my 45-200mm lens to fund the purchase and I’m happy I did. This lens seems much sharper than it’s little brother and I think the bokeh is noticeably better!