Archives for March 2012

Hacienda Motel in Albuquerque, NM

Driving around in the middle of the night, around Albuquerque is pretty fun in winter. Haha, I would like to get back there this summer and photograph all the quirky stuff around there. Love this town!

Ancient Desert Angel Keeps Watch

Found inside the 250 year old San Xavier church and Catholic mission on the Pima Indian Rez about 8 miles south of Tucson, Arizona.

The Midnight Sun

The midnight sun shines in late afternoon across the cottonwood laced savannah land and high desert of Southern Utah. Early spring is trickling in and ushering in the warmer season when the trees will start to get some green on them. There is beauty in my world, and in my life. The land is apart of me, and I am apart of it. We are inseparable!