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Coronado National Monument – Arizona

Just before entering the visitor center at Coronado National Monument near the Mexican border. The land is strong, barren, burned but beautiful. Even a scorched tree stands against the blue azure sky. This feels like No Country for Old Men. lol

Greyhound Bus in Lowell, Arizona

Visit Bisbee, Arizona for a rare photogenic treat of ancient Americana, and old vehicles laying around. Just shy south of the historic town of Bisbee. Both towns are historic mining camps. Not too far to the north is the legendary town of Tombstone. Southeastern Arizona has a lot to offer a wandering photographer and desert rat.

Tire Swing in Lochiel, Arizona – Along the Mexican Border

This is a small ranching community on the very edge of Southern Arizona that straddles the border and the fenceline that separates Mexico and the US which can be seen to the South. I traversed this beautiful country for about 75 miles along Forest Route 61 and was advised by park rangers at Coronado National Monument not to travel solo because of drug traffickers and smugglers. When I spotted armed white ranchers patrolling the border, they were much more intimidating than just about anybody… The road ended in Nogales.