Apr 122012

I’m not going to exaggerate the colors you usually see in photographs or other landscapes captured around the Southwest. These colors here are about as natural as I can get them other than the white balance on a digital camera being subjective. I’m not going to go out of my way and add strong color to these images, because it makes them look fake. Instead, I try to mimic the beauty of what I saw with my own eyes. Antelope Canyon is a beautiful place to visit but I need to spend more time in there to capture better images. As a tour guide, I’m always on a tight schedule and it would be fun to kick back and slow things down a bit when I visit these places.

  3 Responses to “Handheld Shot in Antelope Canyon”

  1. Amazing! The contrast between light / dark and vivid colors is excellent!

  2. Very nice shot! Was this upper or lower antelope canyon. I was at lower a couple weeks ago and don’t recall this formation.
    Anyhow, very nicely composed.

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