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Beaver Falls – Havasupai Indian Reservation

After getting stuck on a ledge and being taught a lesson by the canyon, I took this picture above Beaver Falls! It’s a long story but let’s just put it this way; I’ve been to Havasupai in Grand Canyon many times. It’s rugged beauty gets more rough as you head deeper and deeper into the side canyon before it empties into the Rio Colorado. The blue water is colored by a mineral known as Travertine which redeposits itself and forms these waters falls from driftwood dams and other debris. I just got back from this trip last night and it was one of the more memorable trips and visits amongst the Supai!

Old Las Vegas by Freemont Street

This is the old part of Vegas over by historical Freemont Street. This bus nearly brushed my fingers while taking this picture and I liked the reflection in the window of the cars, buildings and trees. It was a lucky shot which spooked me pretty bad!

Sign Riddled With bullet Holes