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The Modern Landscape, Sahuarita, Arizona

Creation of a Slot Canyon, Left Fork, Zion National Park

Part of the Subway hike in the Left Fork of Zion National Park. It’s a primitive hike to get to this location and it’s beautiful in the soft light of late afternoon. We were caught unprepared though. We ended up spending the night in the canyon, because we didn’t get out before dark.

Landscape Arch Near Moab Utah

Everyone should get out at least once in their lifetime to see this grand arch before it collapses and is gone forever. It still looks like a miracle to me, the fact that it’s still standing. There is beauty in this world. Even though it’s all scientifically explorable, the heart of spirit still rules these wild places where wind still talks and the raven planes the edges of Navajo sandstone in search of his next find.