Archives for July 2012

The Subway, East Fork – Zion Canyon

I’m easing my way into thinking this way. Sometimes a word with a beautiful image can convey a lot without saying too much. Tumblr is the inspiration behind this muse. This is happening quite a bit on there and I want to reach out to those hearts. After all, people are beautiful.

Summer Daisy

I’ve got some new  close-up filters I discovered in a thrift store in Tucson, AZ. Boy, I’m going to have fun with these!

Dream Home

Some dreams are left unfulfilled and the people who built those dreams have passed on to the spirit world. This is all that’s left in the temporal world. So work hard to fulfill those goals because life is ever so short. Already, I’m caught in the bind of trying to figure out quickly what to do with my life because it passes by so fast. This is the abandoned dream house.