Archives for July 2012

Mooney Falls in Grand Canyon

Thanks to the Supai people and their land, we have one of the most precious gemstones in all of the Southwest, Mooney Falls. The water cascades over the cliff over 200 feet to the bottom. Havasupai is known for it’s turquoise blue waters but I wanted to emphasize the texture of the travertine in this shot because it’s actually the main focal point with the water fall being a distraction. It’s all about the texture, man!

Early Morning in Arches National Park – Utah

This is Arches National Park in the early morning light near Moab, Utah. If you haven’t been to this area, I would highly recommend it. Arches is probably one of the most photogenic areas that Utah has to offer. There’s nothing but stark beauty to be found. Moab is by far my favorite place to go in Utah.

Subjected to Desert Erosion

The elements of the land eat away at everything we know… everything we stood for. Nothing is permenent. If left to their own devices these structures will go back to the Earth. Who knows what will happen or what has happened to the two-leggeds who contructed their dreams on this planet. Who are are we? lol