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Tomas Queroz – My Best Friend

This reminds me a little of K-Pax and Star Trek mixed together.

Horn Silver Mine, Frisco – Utah

I love the lost feel of old photos and black & white. I want to start doing more of these and want to start experimenting more with monotones, tint-types, grain, and all types of photography that leave you feeling awed.

Old Horn Silver Mine, Frisco Ghost Town – Utah

Old Horn Silver Mine in the San Francisco Mountains west of Milford, Utah. Below the mine here is the historic mining camp of Frisco, Utah. Back in the 19th century, Utah wasn’t much different than other western states like Nevada and Arizona. It had it’s fair share of wild mining camps, outlaws, gunslingers, prostitutes & saloons. You name it, Utah had it. Frisco was a dangerous town with the reputation of being a widow-maker. More information on this town can be found here: