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Iphoneography – Carlot Sunset, St. George, Utah

Taken with a mobile iPhone 4S right when I was getting off work the other night. I’m living the life of a car sales consultant. It’s not really my cup-of-tea but’ll do for now. Living in the desert is such a a good way to escape winter. It’s October and we still have the summer’s heat!

Autumn in the Desert

The little CCD sensor and lens in the iPhone 4S has opened up photography to the masses in a portable device and it continues to scare a lot of traditional photographers but I would encourage artisans to embrace the latest and greatest technologies. It’s what Ansel Adams would do. Check out the detail in this leaf shot, taken hand-held and post-processed with Snapseed by Nik Software. The image was resized for this blog with a special Adobe Photoshop plugin that I love very much! It’s a secret but if you message me, I’ll probably reveal it!

Hipstamatic: Kitchen Table Mat

The iPhone 4S has a nice little camera. I’m getting hooked on the portability of this little phone and the quality of the images. You’re probably going to scoff at me, but I’ve become obsessed with iPhoneography! Stay tuned.