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Photographer Highlight: Fred Askew

*Please Note: I’m in the process of restoring this blog because it went offline in 2012. It’s coming back with some great content. Stay tuned!

I want to highlight a photographer that I stumbled across on Instagram, whose work I am very pleased with because it is so emotive and reminds me of the romantic victorian era but placed in the context of post-modern times.


Fred’s work is spectacular in the essence that it’s simple. You can follow his feed on Instagram via @PhotoAskew or by clicking This Link! According to Fred’s website ( it states:

Fred Askew is a freelance News and Editorial photographer based in New York City. His work is published internationally in journals, newspapers and magazines.

His photographs have appeared in Time Magazine, The New York Times, Le Monde, El Pais, The Times of London, La Repubblica, New York Magazine, Artforum Magazine, The Village Voice, Stern and other publications.

On a final note, you can also see more works by the photographer by visiting his blog: ( – All photos in this post are by Fred Askew, from Brooklyn.

Supertramp Bus in Beryl, Utah


I photographed this near Modena on July 4th, 2014. It’s  a neat old bus, off the highway a bit, with two abandoned trailer homes nearby that have been wind torn and beaten by the desert. Awesome rural decay resides in and around Southern Utah.

Broken Angel in San Xavier Del Bac


This old wall art is found inside the San Xavier mission about 17 miles South of Tucson, out on the Pima Reservation. The church has a very strong sense of eerie. It could very well be haunted. It’s well over 200 years old.