Archives for October 2014

Eroding Bench in Pioche, Nevada


You have to click on this image to see the detail that the Sigma DP3 Merrill is capable of. It’s such a beautiful camera and lens. I’m glad I got this camera. This is a shot of a bench in Pioche, Nevada, that has been here for years and is eroding away.

Kolob Canyon in Winter


This is the legendary Kolob Canyon near my home in Southern Utah. Yes! I have redrock in my backyard and yes, I get to see this weekly.

What is My General Photography Workflow?

It’s a fact I’d rather be making photographs out in the field rather than sitting at a computer working in a digital darkroom. This is probably the reason I have so many unedited photos still sitting in my 10 year old archive. That being said, here’s how my workflow is setup!

  1. I go on a photoshoot which is what I love doing most.

  2. I open Adobe Lightroom on my portable mac to edit raw files and convert to Jpeg!

  3. I sometimes use Photoshop to resize images only for web.

  4. Or I export most images (full-size) to my iPhone via Photo Transfer iPhone app.

  5. I do further editing with Instagram’s awesome filters. 😉 This pisses-off most purist photographers! 😛

There you have it.. It’s pretty simple and straight-forward! I’d like to find an excellent WordPress plugin to auto magically resize my photos upon upload. That would be ideal… I haven’t discovered a really high quality plugin to do this!?

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!