Ageless Images on the Rocks in Glen Canyon

8,000 thousand year old pictographs in the Glen Canyon region of Utah. I will not reveal the location of these, so don’t ask. These pictographs are not known to the public!


  1. Emily says:

    I stumbled upon your images via Google while researching images of petroglyphs and pictographs. My in-laws have traveled these regions extensively over the years and my mother-in-law in particular is just slayed by them. She has requested that I do a painting for her but I confess to not knowing much about them. It has been a fascinating journey of discovery and I am glad to have stumbled upon your work. This one and The Holy Ghost picture from Horseshoe Canyon are hauntingly beautiful. Not only are these so amazing but all of your images are stunning. Thank you for sharing your art. These will provide invaluable inspiration.

  2. Nice….sure glad they didn’t end up under water

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