Supertramp Bus in Beryl, Utah


I photographed this near Modena on July 4th, 2014. It’s  a neat old bus, off the highway a bit, with two abandoned trailer homes nearby that have been wind torn and beaten by the desert. Awesome rural decay resides in and around Southern Utah.

Broken Angel in San Xavier Del Bac


This old wall art is found inside the San Xavier mission about 17 miles South of Tucson, out on the Pima Reservation. The church has a very strong sense of eerie. It could very well be haunted. It’s well over 200 years old.

Fisheye Motel Sign – In Ely, Nevada

Motel in Ely Nevada

This is located in Ely, Nevada, near the downtown area. My brother and I, stayed in this ratty motel but that has never scared me away from cheap motels. If they have excellent neon signage and Americana, I’m always down. Simply unroll a sleeping bag on-top of the bed spread and you never have to worry about what might have happened in that bed?