Sunrise at Toroweap in the Grand Canyon


Beauty is all around out in the Grand Canyon south of the Utah Border. You take a dirt road from Colorado City, 67 miles across the rugged Arizona Strip before getting to this spot. The dirt road is so primitive that a lot of people are not willing to take the risk. This area is a hot sport for serious landscape photographers who are familiar with the Southwest. I photographed this with an emphasis on the porous sandstone bathed in early morning light.

Juniper Claws – Monument Valley Tribal Park


I’m thinking I should steering more towards color? I’ve always kinda seen color as being taboo and tried to desaturate my images with all worries surrounding color balance and using proper color space is always a hassle but I’m missing the days of positive slide film and Velvia. Digital is so sweet and I’m ready to take a visit to yesteryear. This is a dead juniper in Monument Valley Tribal Park on the Navajo Reservation near the Four Corners area. It’s starkly beautiful country and it’s probably my favorite place to photograph in the Desert Southwest.

Old Antique Car

Can you identify this car? I’ve adjusted my Panasonic GF1 to shoot in a 16×9 format instead of the regular micro 4/3. The compositions seems a bit more satisfying to me. I’ll post more images with the same dimensions ¬†from my Route 66 excursions in Northern Arizona!

Flash Flood at Mooney Falls 07/11/2011

This is Mooney Falls being inundated with muddy water from a cloudburst over Havasupai. My friends were down in the bottom below Mooney hiking towards Beaver Falls four miles downriver. Luckily, they weren’t clear to Beaver when the water level began to rise and they realized they needed to evacuate. About two years ago, I was stuck in one of the biggest floods to hit Havasupai. It could have taken the lives of my friends and I. You can read my account of that life-shifting experience here in; Four Havasupai Men Saved Us! It seems every time I venture to that part of the Grand Canyon my experience in Havasupai is bittersweet because the memories are both nightmarish and pleasant simultaneously. I just returned from my latest trip to the Grand Canyon and I’m still unpacking today. So I’ll write about my thoughts and reflect about the experiences of my time in Havasupai as soon as I get settled down. :) No matter what, the people of Supai, their culture and their waterfalls will always have a place in my heart!

Inner Gorge of the Grand Canyon, on the Rio Colorado!

Inner Gorge of the Grand Canyon, on the Rio Colorado!
This is from my river trip through the Grand Canyon this past summer. I worked as a swamper for Arizona River Runners. It is an experience that I will never forget. The strongest memory I have of the trip is sleeping on the boat at night, while all the guests slept on the beach… I spent long hours having philosophical and religious discussions with the two boatman that I worked for. The work is extremely difficult on the river entailing work days that last around 15 hours a day. The stars in the bottom of the canyon are deep and the river rapids are heard in dreams while you sleep. The river has a primordial spirit and the rushing current reminds me of a freedom that so many humans will never experience or witness, unfortunately.

Commercial River Rafters

Commercial River Rafters
I worked in the Grand Canyon this past winter as a tour guide taking folks into the inner gorge of the canyon. Doing this daily, I took photos of rafting boats passing by. We’d often shout into the gorge and the rafters would respond by waving back. That job is done now and there is no guarantee that I’ll go back next winter. Why? Because of the long work days that the job entailed. I loved working out in the middle of nowhere, but I didn’t have enough free time to pursue what I love – photography.