Ears of Corn in the Hogan


Corn is an important staple and somewhat of a backbone for the Navajo People. It’s considered to play an important role to the creation of humanity and is apart of the origin of the Navajo people who call themselves the Dineh people. This corn was photographed in a traditional Navajo Home (hogan) with permission.

Juniper Tree in Monument Valley Tribal Park, Navajo Nation


I can take these photos of any landscape you throw at me. This website is my portfolio and I thank Heavenly Father for this privilege to be an artist and take beautiful landscape photos of Mother Earth. If you like my work, please send people to my site. Let people know about my work. I’d like to survive financially doing what I love. It’s not easy being an artist but I want to create beauty and want to work in this field. So any and all support is appreciated. Thanks to my friends who come to this site and other places to let me know what they’re thinking.

Colorful Curves in Antelope Canyon

I took this shot of Antelope Canyon handheld without the tripod last week while guiding a tour in Northern Arizona. This slot canyon is on the Navajo Reservation about five minutes southeast of Page. I work for about three different tour companies but I also travel to places like these alone. I love teaching people about the land and the importance of these beautiful places. Antelope Canyon is located on the Navajo Reservation and is a valuable source of revenue for Navajo owned and operated tour businesses.

Wooden Skinwalker Carving

Wooden Skinwalker Carving
A carved representation of a Navajo witch, otherwise known as a skinwalker. These entities have deep roots in Navajo culture and it’s controversial to discuss them. I’ve had a few experiences in my own life; events that can be tied to this darker side of Navajo (Dineh) culture. Because of these experiences, I’ll leave it at that!

Navajo Rugs For Sale

Navajo Rugs For Sale
Navajo rugs on display and for sale at Cameron Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona. Cameron Trading Post is a great pit-stop when traveling between Page and Flagstaff, Arizona. Some of the tastiest Navajo fry bread is available in their restaurant.