Puebloan Ceremonial Kiva – Aztec National Monument


This is an ancient Pueblo Kiva that was used for community gatherings and religious ceremony in the old days and is still considered to be sacred to modern Pueblo people. The site is located in the heart of Farmington, New Mexico.  This was a very hard image to capture with the low-light and all the traffic coming and going through the Kiva. In the old days, there were no stairs into the Kiva. You have to descend down a latter through an entrance in the ceiling or a window. The Kiva served as a church and I try to show respect when I visit such sites.

Mainstreet of Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Last week I was traveling around New Mexico, photographing different towns but it was a busy trip trying to get from one destination to the next while passing up some golden ops. So here’s one of the few shots that I liked. It was frustrating because I was trying to take so many pictures in as little time as possible. When I head back over to NM this week, I’m just going to dedicate a day to a certain place and focus more on the quality of the photos instead of how many I can take. Santa Rosa is along I-40 and it has a nice display of rotting buildings. There’s also countless abandoned rotting stucco adobes all over the New Mexican landscape. Hopefully this new job of mine will allow me to witness a lot more of this beautiful state since I am from Utah.