I Wrote a Poem Instead of Homework!


I wrote this poem instead of doing CSIS Homework… I feel this is much more healthy for the mind versus watching paint dry! The pic above is me, Nate!

Canyon Country in Summer
by Nathan Cowlishaw

I want to be haunted by Cloud Spirits
and visited by the Mirage People
So that the trees and hills know me
and that the Tree Man will speak to me…

I remember the beauty of the rolling desert
in the deep heat of last summer
Which Led me here
to this deep end of intoxicating dreams and imagery…

And like a random flashback
I remember myself
traveling solo,
traversing the wind-swept dirt paths of Canyon Lands
I simmered and fried in the July hea
tin a vehicle without air conditioning
In a sandstone frying pan

At night, the air cooled
As I reached camp…
At a powerful merging place of the Green and Colorado rivers

I parked my Cherokee…
Pitched my tent and watched The candled sky for hours
Listening to the deepness and darkness
of the two rivers moving.
I could hear the water spirits
and the wild entered my dreams.

Now here I am
looking back
With the fall wind looming.