Abandoned Church in the Bootheel of New Mexico

Out in the quiet country of #NewMexico’s boot heel along the #SouthernBorder lazy communities bask in the desert heat daily and small townspeople go about their daily lives in a region pretty much forgotten by the rest of the country. It reminds me of Far West Texas enough to step into the past, which both locations give me an opportunity to do. We are surrounded by so much yet humans are overlooking these places and yielding their lives to backlit led screens. As an artist I’m compelled to edit and view images as someone telling the stories of our time in pictures.

Very Large Array Radio Telescope in New Mexico

The satellite dish off in the distance is part of a multiple array of dishes pointed up at the stars to listen for potential anomalies from the galaxy and beyond. This location was featured with several scenes in the major motion picture. Contact, starring Jodie Foster.

Listening for ET…

The Very Large Array Radio Telescope in NewMexico. Maybe they are listening for ET!?