Captured with A Panasonic Lumix 100-300mm Lens: Joshua Tree National Park

So the image above was captured just before sundown in Joshua Tree National Park with a Panasonic Lumix 100-300mm Super-Telephoto lens! One thing I don’t mention to people very often is that this is one my most often used Micro Four Thirds lenses as it is completely indispensable in my workflow as a landscape photographer and cannot recommend it enough. It’s very difficult to work with though and you have to have some patience because it’s easy to get motion blur due to camera shake or the photographer not holding still enough. This lens is now a veteran in my kit because some of my best portfolio images came from it. Yes, this lens is highly recommended for an M/43 landscape photographer and this is what I utilize it for 99% of the time.

Other than that – this is the third image that I’ve posted from my Smugmug site in the flow of utilizing SM embedded images from back up rather than resize and re-upload here to WordPress. It seems to have streamlined my blogging work somewhat as I try and form the habit of daily posting to the photoblog. I’ll try to give insight as a photographer, whenever I can.

Photographing Cars with the Lensbaby and an Olympus Em5

I love photographing old cars using the Olympus EM5 and Lensbaby Composer Pro with the Sweet 35 Optic. It is tack sharp if used correctly with a Micro Four Thirds camera. I also love running the images through Instagram filters and this one went through the Slumber Filter on IG.

El Coronado Motel in Gila Bend, Arizona

Coronado Motel in Gila Bend, Arizona

Coronado Motel in Gila Bend, Arizona

Captured in Gila Bend, Arizona with the Nocticron!