Cleopatra Pictograph Panel

Cleopatra Pictograph Panel
All the locals around Canyonlands call this, Cleopatra. It’s one of my favorite pictographs, right off the Highway on your way to Hite Crossing in Glen Canyon. This style of rockart is known as the Barrier Canyon Style which is some of the oldest rockart in the state of Utah dating about 5,000-8,000 years back. I’m guessing the creature next to Cleopatra is a domesticated dog? Dogs may have played important roles in ancient Western Archaic cultures.


  1. outstanding – very cool shot!

  2. Great shot–I haven’t been to this site, but love the Barrier Canyon Style glyphs. My favorite sites to photograph are Sego Canyon and the Great Gallery. I’ve got a rock art section on my webpage that you might find interesting ( Thanks for providing information with your photography.

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