Cowboy Killers

Cowboy Killers
Sometimes, it is hard to resist the urge to photograph garbage. I know it’s pointless!


  1. Sometimes it's hard to resist smoking. And smoking really is pointless. I can agree that photography is sometimes pointless but I don't think it always needs to say something. If you like it or someone else does, it has served it's purpose. I like this photo and now I'm also craving a cigarette.

  2. Nice commentary. Does this image have a yellow cast?

  3. i love the tones in this!

  4. Hi Nate! I guess you remember very well the TV ad with that cowboy riding his horse through some deserted landscape like these you shoot… You know well It was a Marlboro ad. Well…you also know that it meant that even with cigarettes that man could afford to do such an effort in such tough conditions. After years, that man in the ad got cancer from smoking too much…Marlboro. He had lifetime contract with Marlboro for free cigarettes… I say this as a support of your comment upon your own piece…Good work! Fascinating!

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