Earthlings Welcome to the Little A’LE’INN!

Earthlings Welcome to the Little A'LE'INN!
This is out in Rachelle, Nevada, not to far from Area 51. This was taken with one of them 35mm point and shoots from Publisher’s Clearing House. It’s focus free! :o)


  1. The shot has a very "1950s" look to it. Very nice.

  2. I agree with Michael, a great 1950's look. I love it. The colour and tones are very evocative of old postcards, in a good way!

  3. I love this postprocessing. Really feels like a vintage shot !

  4. Actually Regis… The lines are actually from the film. I worked like crazy to remove all the scratches and defects in the scan.

  5. stunning…wonderful mood that matches the subject so well!

  6. beautiful feel here.

  7. i like the colors and the post processing. nice photo.

  8. very cool atmosphere that the tones suit perfectly

  9. Fabulous! That little trash-cam did its job, a wonderful 70s feeling 🙂

  10. Very interesting!

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