About Nate

My name is Nate Cowlishaw and I am the photographer and owner of Talking Tree Photo. I’m in the process of creating a website about what I love to do, making photos. My humble abode can be found in the shire of Southern Utah and I often travel around the Southwest looking for images to capture. I’ve been wanting to put my knowledge to good use by creating this site where I would be able to blog and write about photography. I’m self taught but I’ve taken several college courses in traditional photography and digital imaging. I’m constantly pushing myself to become better at composing images.

I don’t think you need a college degree is be a good artist and photographer, but If you have those credentials and are a professor, you better dang well have a body of work so that your students can scrutinize you and judge you based on the skills that you’ve obtained. A large portfolio is required of a good artist whether they have a college degree or not. To me, the degree is just paper. Anyone can be a good photographer. My basic requirement is that you know the photographic essentials and love being a shutterbug.

I hope this site will be beneficial to you as I strive to make it permanent resource, both as a place for me to vent, write, and blog about the things that fascinate me, creatively. So stay tuned…