Lincoln County – New Mexico. Billy the Kid’s Home!


Lincoln County, New Mexico, is not the easiest area to photograph in the Land of Enchantment, but it’s one of the funnest. It’s the legendary turf of Billy the Kid. Photos in this post were captured with Micro Four Thirds equipment, the Panasonic Lumix 100-300mm lens, and a $20 dollar TV Lens off of eBay.

Lincoln City, New MexicoAbandoned adobe structure in Lincoln City, New Mexico.

haunted_house_newmexicoGrungy stairway in the Lincoln County Prison, where Billy the Kid made his legendary escape. You could feel the history in this old building!


  1. Sally Davis says:

    Your photography is STUNNING and your storytelling NEVER ceases to amaze me. Keep posting to your photoblog every day and I’m sure you will start getting more readers. 😉 I found you on the Digital Photography Forum a while back. Keep it up!

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