Little Reservation Pup

Little Reservation Pup
I took this photo a few years back of a stray dog living on the Havasupai Indian Reservation located inside the Grand Canyon. We had been hiking between the village and the campground every day and this fella followed us around the whole time. The next evening is when the big flood of August 2008 hit Havasupai and destroyed the priceless Navajo Falls. My friends & I had to be rescued. I was thinking of posting a few more images I took prior to the devastation…


  1. He looks so sad 🙁
    But it's a beautiful photo, wonderful colors and light.

  2. Bonsoir,
    Nice color and depth effects on your photoblog..Bravo!

  3. Such a great capture.

  4. wow, love this wide angle effect, and what an expression!

  5. The light really is nice but the texture of the hair is the best!

  6. Great light and lens choice on this little guy. He’s adorable!

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