Jul 092015


Lincoln County, New Mexico, is not the easiest area to photograph in the Land of Enchantment, but it’s one of the funnest. It’s the legendary turf of Billy the Kid. Photos in this post were captured with Micro Four Thirds equipment, the Panasonic Lumix 100-300mm lens, and a $20 dollar TV Lens off of eBay.

Lincoln City, New MexicoAbandoned adobe structure in Lincoln City, New Mexico.

haunted_house_newmexicoGrungy stairway in the Lincoln County Prison, where Billy the Kid made his legendary escape. You could feel the history in this old building!

Jul 022015
Aspen Grove near Cedar City, Utah

Aspen Grove near Cedar City, Utah

According to this website – Aspen groves are the world’s largest living organisms. I believe it since I always love photographing them. There’s a really strong photogenic energy to them tied to their spiritual essence. I’ve also heard that they are in decline which is disheartening to know.

I have to thank my friend, Michael Titus for sponsoring this trip up onto the mountain. Photo was shot with an Olympus EM5 with Rokinon 12mm F2.0 wide-angle lens.

I’m updating this site now and will try and develop a consistent habit of posting my images here so that people can enjoy my work along with categories for lenses and cameras used. As an artist, I know people like to know the geeky details like that but know that I’m just barely starting this. I’ve spent too long overthinking how to organize and build this blog but I finally just gave up and simplified whether than getting frustrated and letting it sit without getting updated.

Jun 302015


This is the New Navajo Falls on the Havasupai Indian Reserve in Grand Canyon, Arizona. I’m going there again on August 1-5th with a group of 19 people. I go every year and invite friends and family. This year will be my 7th annual trek down there. This is simply something I’ve been doing almost every year since 2008. After all, Havasupai is my second home and as you can see from the picture above, you know why…

Jun 292015

Big Bend National Park in Texas

I believe this photo was taken on the boundary of Big Bend National Park in Texas. Therefore it is protected speech and doesn’t require a commercial permit for me to display or exhibit but I will never forget how I was treated and intimidated by park rangers inside that park for being a simple photographer. They interrupted my Kickstarter project and I ended up leaving abruptly after feeling unsafe. Lessons learned about how I can no longer trust the Feds.

I was warned by local Texans NOT to go into the park that day if I wanted to have a good day. There’s a long story behind this incident which I may decide to blog about pretty soon. It’s a long story and part of a series of negative events that led up to this point, most of which were not related such as run-ins with the wrong people while traveling the borderlands. Etc.

Jun 282015



This image was taken just after sundown in White Sands National Monument near Alamogordo in New Mexico. The lens I used was the manual-focus Kowa 8.5mm F2.8 lens for the Micro Four Thirds format. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this particular piece of equipment because it gives me mixed results or maybe I just need to adjust to it’s quirks.

I miss New Mexico. I’m back in Utah. I’ll try and update this site more daily before I update my Instagram…

Apr 212015

After primitive camping for three days and eating dirt while cleaning layers of dirt-road film off my camera equipment I can safely say that I made it to Palm Springs, California where I’m composing this. I was in Death Valley where profiteers gauge the gas prices to $5 bucks a gallon, and moved onto Mojave Desert Wildlife Reserve where a coyote came into my campground. I took several photos of my furry friend, and the next day I visited Joshua Tree National Park.

I rested up in Palm Springs and will be heading out the Salton Sea today, to photograph several areas such as Bombay Beach. Talking about man-made environments; the Salton Sea was created by accident as a result of an engineering mishap in 1905. Read up on it. I’m going out there to photograph whatever rural decay that I can find including the artistic East-Jesus and Salvation Mountain. Here’s a few photos from the trip so far.

This guy hung out with me in the Mojove Wildlife Reserve in Southern California.

This guy hung out with me in the Mojove Wildlife Reserve in Southern California.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park


19th century train car in Goldfield, Nevada.

19th century train car in Goldfield, Nevada.

Mar 312015

The U.S. and Mexican border is about 1/5 of a mile away from where this photo was shot. These cottonwoods were amazing. The beauty along the border is stark. It’s a complex issue; this borderline. I have mixed feelings about it. The truth is, this border cuts communities in half. Indigenous homelands and territories were sliced in half. I can’t help but see this as a colonial boundary that is foreign to Turtle Island. Yet, I understand and have affinity with citizens who are tired of the crime and lawlessness that is becoming more sophisticated every day by coyotes, drug traffickers, etc. I don’t think the border is an easy issue to tackle but I also don’t think building a great big Iron Curtain or militarizing the border is a solution either. Not an easy issue to tackle… And when people speak of corruption in Mexico’s government I think we just need to recognize the banking cartel in the US and the military-industrial complex. Doesn’t Operation Fast and Furious come to mind!?

Stay tuned! I’ll be traveling 2000 miles along the border starting in the next few weeks!

Jan 052015


I’ve got my hands full as well as tied because I’m a busy guy these days because I’m organizing a festival in Southern Utah as well as a Kickstarter project that will hopefully springboard me onto a 65-day photoshoot into the deep Southwest. It’s taking a serious and brave leap-of-faith to do this and at 2:30 AM in the morning I cannot sleep because there is so much happening right now that my psyche is ready to hit this full throttle. We are headed to Rachel, Nevada, at 4:30 AM to make a Kickstarter Video before we begin wrapping up the loose ends of the Kickstarter and get it submitted for launch approval. I just wanted to update my blog here in regards to what’s happening. Stay tuned!

Dec 142014


Solitude is how I dream BIG especially with nobody around; just me in the corners of God’s imagination. This is how I’ve been able to stay strong my whole life was to allow the natural world to heal me and teach me to be self-sufficient in my own happiness. The grandest of mysteries chose me to be a photographer; if only it meant for me to see something more meaningful on deeper levels such as these.