Raven Lands on Old Juniper Claw

Raven Lands on Old Juniper Claw


  1. Very dramatic. Ominous feel. This is wonderfully done.

  2. Wow, this is awesome. Great moment caught!!!

  3. And quoth he, "Nevermore".
    Awesome image!

  4. Man, did you ever catch lightning in a bottle with this image. SO cool. Nice work.

  5. Laurie Perry says:

    Nate, is this real photo? This is amazing..Laurie Perry And Nate come up and I'll pay for it…..

  6. Joseph says:

    This is a very nice capture nathan. Good job!

  7. Awesome processing!

  8. What a neat picture! The lighting is great with the blue sky and the black bird, which you catured great! You have a lot of interesting and beautiful pictures. A vote on coolphotoblogs:) Regards, Kyrre

  9. Cool photo and great post processing.

  10. amazıng gallety
    and very nıce edıtıng for all your photos

  11. What a wonderful capture. Simply spectacular.

  12. amazing capture. Love your work.

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