Recliner and Blue Door

Recliner and Blue Door
I posted this picture because I just like it and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. My photography comes from my own style and vision and nobody else. Of course I like looking at the work of different photographers and even reading books on photography but I still rely mostly on my own innate desires to produce something that is unique in it’s own right. In reality, I do photography for myself before I do it for anyone else. It’s what ties me to the land, the culture and the people that I visit and revisit. It anchors me to these places and it has formed my politics, worldview, and life. That’s a lot of credit I am giving to the art of photography but it has given my life serious meaning. As a photographer, I have become more in tune with my environment and more perceptive.


  1. love the details and the composition. I also hear you loud and clear on doing photography for yourself, it's the only way it will work. To me it's an extension of who you are, what you see and feel, so the photograph should portray that and not what others would want.

  2. To be honest this photo doesn't do anything for me but I LOVE that you wrote that you liked it so you posted it. I feel the same way and do the same on my site. That is awesome!

  3. Well said. What makes the picture is the mood, I believe. And the best, most sincere shots come out when your mind is tuned on that mood you trying to capture and not on all these drivel about composition, exposure or impact you going to achieve.

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