Nov 262012

This is a cottonwood tree below a beautiful cloudscape a few years ago. Image was shot with one of my Panasonic Micro Four Thirds cameras. Later, I edited the raw image in Lightroom and just recently exported it to my iPhone 4S where I ran it through an iPhone app that creates the sepia, grain, dust and scratches.  It’s called Scratchcam! This may be an effect that some people don’t like, but for me it communicates how I feel about my art and the intuition that I share deep inside with my images. I think it’s awesome that digital technology has come such a long way that we can now edit images from an handheld device. I’m having a blast shooting images with my iPhone 4s as well and enjoying the art of what they call, iPhoneography. If these new changes to photography are revolutionizing the way we view and capture the world, then I want to be at the forefront of this photographic rennaisance instead of sitting on the sideline.

Mar 302012

The midnight sun shines in late afternoon across the cottonwood laced savannah land and high desert of Southern Utah. Early spring is trickling in and ushering in the warmer season when the trees will start to get some green on them. There is beauty in my world, and in my life. The land is apart of me, and I am apart of it. We are inseparable!

Mar 242012

This is a small ranching community on the very edge of Southern Arizona that straddles the border and the fenceline that separates Mexico and the US which can be seen to the South. I traversed this beautiful country for about 75 miles along Forest Route 61 and was advised by park rangers at Coronado National Monument not to travel solo because of drug traffickers and smugglers. When I spotted armed white ranchers patrolling the border, they were much more intimidating than just about anybody… The road ended in Nogales.

Aug 242010

Grandfather Cottonwood Tree in Early Spring
This was taken last spring when snow still falls but melts quickly in the high desert country of Southern Utah. These photos become memories of all the places I go. In some ways, it has been my photography that ties me to the land and has provided a strong connection. Life is very short so you might as well enjoy the aesthetics and beauty that surrounds us.