I Wrote a Poem Instead of Homework!


I wrote this poem instead of doing CSIS Homework… I feel this is much more healthy for the mind versus watching paint dry! The pic above is me, Nate!

Canyon Country in Summer
by Nathan Cowlishaw

I want to be haunted by Cloud Spirits
and visited by the Mirage People
So that the trees and hills know me
and that the Tree Man will speak to me…

I remember the beauty of the rolling desert
in the deep heat of last summer
Which Led me here
to this deep end of intoxicating dreams and imagery…

And like a random flashback
I remember myself
traveling solo,
traversing the wind-swept dirt paths of Canyon Lands
I simmered and fried in the July hea
tin a vehicle without air conditioning
In a sandstone frying pan

At night, the air cooled
As I reached camp…
At a powerful merging place of the Green and Colorado rivers

I parked my Cherokee…
Pitched my tent and watched The candled sky for hours
Listening to the deepness and darkness
of the two rivers moving.
I could hear the water spirits
and the wild entered my dreams.

Now here I am
looking back
With the fall wind looming.

Some Dreams Die


Some dreams are left unfulfilled and the people who built those dreams have passed on to the spirit world. This is all that’s left in the temporal world. So work hard to fulfill those goals because life is ever so short. Already, I’m caught in the bind of trying to figure out quickly what to do with my life because it passes by so fast. This is the abandoned dream house.

The Marriage Between Micro Four Thirds & iPhonography


Okay… I’m being overwhelmed with technological advances in photography from using an iPhone 4s to capture and post-process landscape images to using the iPhone to edit and print my DSLR and mirror less camera shots… Okay! I’m not going to give up my regular camera equipment anytime soon, but the iPhone apps are causing me to fall in love with photography all over again. It’s like a rebirth! So stay tuned. This photoblog is going to undergo a lot of different types of photography. I’m trying to post to Flickr, Instagam, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Not an easy feat. Also, this image was shot on a micro four thirds camera then edited with photoshop CS5 and then further processed with the frame using Lo-Mob on my iPhone 4s. I’m integrating my computer and iPhone using Dropbox. It’s pretty crazy. Photo title: Haunted Hallway -Historic Overland Hotel – Pioche, Nevada.

A Hopi Sunset at Work – For the Ultimate Desert Rat

Captured at work tonight on the iPhone 4S. I’m loving this portability in the camera. Learning the art of having a camera on me on the time since my phone is my camera that is with me all the time. This is what I call a Hopi Sunset when they are this intense. It reminds me of a Hopi story about a young man that always strayed to the edge of the mesa outside his village, wondering about the afterlife and what happened after this life.

Old Car in a Slot Canyon, Escalante-Grand Staircase Ntl. Mon.


This kinda reminded of Arron Ralston who lost his arm to a boulder in a Bluejohn Canyon out in the remote part of Canyonlands. This right here is a car that been lodged down in this slot canyon since probably the late fifties or sixties… who knows, maybe a massive flash flood wedged it down into there over 30 years ago. The car is now apart of the erosion process, so-to-be-an-artifact!

Juniper Tree in Monument Valley Tribal Park, Navajo Nation


I can take these photos of any landscape you throw at me. This website is my portfolio and I thank Heavenly Father for this privilege to be an artist and take beautiful landscape photos of Mother Earth. If you like my work, please send people to my site. Let people know about my work. I’d like to survive financially doing what I love. It’s not easy being an artist but I want to create beauty and want to work in this field. So any and all support is appreciated. Thanks to my friends who come to this site and other places to let me know what they’re thinking.

Morning in Saguaro National Park

This is a second shot that I’ve decided to post on the photoblog here. I’ve captured many beautiful images of Southern Arizona and I’m tempted to post a bunch at once but will do so in my typical slow fashion until I can develop of standard photo series for each place that I’ve visited around Southern Arizona. I photographed a bunch of places between Bisbee and Tucson, Arizona. The beauty of Southeast Arizona is hard to surpass and I’m thinking of relocating and living there in order to capture more images of the area. So I hope that you enjoy these photos!

Morning Light in Saguaro National Park

There’s something very spiritual and supernatural about the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Words cannot describe what I’m feeling when traveling through that country and getting up early in the morning to see the beauty. The desert is a miracle with the abundance of plant life and the variety of things that wax strong in the outback. My thought process is starting to lean towards the Tucson area, and down into Mexico. I may end up moving into this country in the near future…

Great Basin Highway

Great Basin Highway
One of several Great Basin highways traversing through Nevada and Utah. The road truly disappears into the horizon like a vanishing point. You could break down for several hours before getting help along this stretch. It’s not because nobody wants to help but you’re lucky to see a car or two coming down the road every 3-4 hours!

Portrait of a Dead Pinion Pine Nut Tree

Portrait of a Dead Pinion Pine Nut Tree
These juniper and pinion monuments dot the Escalante Grand Staircase, serving as markers that predate the arrival of Europeans in the Desert Southwest. The trees probably were alive when the Anasazi (Puebloan Ancestors) were still gathering pine nuts from their branches in the year A.D. 900? Now the dead branches slice the desert wind as time moves forward and I can just see them gathering nuts, knapping on flint, and hunting rabbits…

Cleopatra Pictograph Panel

Cleopatra Pictograph Panel
All the locals around Canyonlands call this, Cleopatra. It’s one of my favorite pictographs, right off the Highway on your way to Hite Crossing in Glen Canyon. This style of rockart is known as the Barrier Canyon Style which is some of the oldest rockart in the state of Utah dating about 5,000-8,000 years back. I’m guessing the creature next to Cleopatra is a domesticated dog? Dogs may have played important roles in ancient Western Archaic cultures.