I Wrote a Poem Instead of Homework!


I wrote this poem instead of doing CSIS Homework… I feel this is much more healthy for the mind versus watching paint dry! The pic above is me, Nate!

Canyon Country in Summer
by Nathan Cowlishaw

I want to be haunted by Cloud Spirits
and visited by the Mirage People
So that the trees and hills know me
and that the Tree Man will speak to me…

I remember the beauty of the rolling desert
in the deep heat of last summer
Which Led me here
to this deep end of intoxicating dreams and imagery…

And like a random flashback
I remember myself
traveling solo,
traversing the wind-swept dirt paths of Canyon Lands
I simmered and fried in the July hea
tin a vehicle without air conditioning
In a sandstone frying pan

At night, the air cooled
As I reached camp…
At a powerful merging place of the Green and Colorado rivers

I parked my Cherokee…
Pitched my tent and watched The candled sky for hours
Listening to the deepness and darkness
of the two rivers moving.
I could hear the water spirits
and the wild entered my dreams.

Now here I am
looking back
With the fall wind looming.

Landscape Arch Near Moab Utah


Everyone should get out at least once in their lifetime to see this grand arch before it collapses and is gone forever. It still looks like a miracle to me, the fact that it’s still standing. There is beauty in this world. Even though it’s all scientifically explorable, the heart of spirit still rules these wild places where wind still talks and the raven planes the edges of Navajo sandstone in search of his next find.

The Intestine Man

The Intestine Man
Intestine Man Pictograph near Moab, Utah. This is one of the oldest rock art panels in the state known as the Barrier Canyon style of pictography. Other similar sites are found in the Canyonlands and Grand Canyon regions of the Southwest. These sites were left by a hunting and gathering culture referred to as the Western Archaic peoples.

The Courthouse in Arches National Park

The Courthouse in Arches National Park
I have to say that Arches National Park is one of the best places to be in Utah. There seems to be something spiritual illuminating the area and the beauty is simply hard to put into words. So that is why I interpret the landscape photographically. The town of Moab, Utah is right on the outskirts of Arches National Park. It is a small community of environmentally conscious folks. Not to far to the south is Canyonlands National Park which has some of the best scenic jeep trails and 4×4 routes in the country. This is the area I would love to start my own tourism operation, one day. :)