Aug 172012

In a faithful bid to transform my life goals and career I’m switching from a nature-loving wilderness guide to a car salesman. It’s quite the gut-wrenching experience but it has been met with many blessings. One of them, is the ability to stay home and have a social life and more opportunities for dating the opposite sex. So the good nature that made me a tour guide will be used in a more stationary and structured environment. The fact is, I love people and I think I can handle this. During this transition, I’m learning how to market and brand myself. It’s important to succeed in life, make friends, love people, and fight for the American Dream.

Jul 072011

Converse All Stars are recommended for grabbing slickrock and traversing other Canyon Country terrain but take note to what happens to a perfectly white pair after an afternoon of hiking? This was my friend’s experiment to morph a brand new pair of shoes and I will follow suite. The intention is to paint the shoes the color of the land and let the soil work its way into the bright white pristine canvas. The result is quite stylish and rugged to lizards and varmints! My favorite type of shoe is capable of being ideal for the canyon and hiking. They are thin and will keep your feet close to the earth; you’ll feel every rock but they grab and keep a firm hold. I’ll be posting more photos of all my Converse. It is one of the brands I choose to adore. Maybe it all started with a photography campaign I witnessed on Flickr dedicated to All-Stars and wearing them out? 🙂 Stay tuned!