Nov 042012

Beauty is all around out in the Grand Canyon south of the Utah Border. You take a dirt road from Colorado City, 67 miles across the rugged Arizona Strip before getting to this spot. The dirt road is so primitive that a lot of people are not willing to take the risk. This area is a hot sport for serious landscape photographers who are familiar with the Southwest. I photographed this with an emphasis on the porous sandstone bathed in early morning light.

Jul 312011

Early morning in Vegas around 7 AM. I’m going to be doing tours for the next few months around the Southwest so I may as well photograph everything and everywhere I go. It’ll help me to keep my sanity as I drive thousands of miles over the next 2-3 months. I love giving tours but I don’t have a decent social life when I am always on the road and I need some way to stay sane, so I’ll use my shutter for medicinal purposes. So stay tuned! :)