Vandalized Rail Road Sign

Vandalized Rail Road Sign
It looks like this fell victim to a bunch of hillbilly drunkards late one night. I found it with the base of the sign burned off and the hole where they tore it out of the ground. At the same site there were a few dozen beer bottles kicking around and a fire-pit that was still smoking. All of this was evidence of the redneck booze party. It doesn’t look like there was any poached animal carcasses though. It’s not rare to cross a scene like this and find a few dead mule deer with their antlers sawed off or the head missing. A few individuals in the rural parts of Utah don’t much care for the law, or the spirit of the wild in this regard. I can have pity on some father shooting a doe to feed his family, but when someone is killing dear for the sake of removing the antlers, that’s just cold-blooded!


  1. Radical use of wide angle… love it!

  2. Thats really good!

  3. That can be a great album cover for a rock band!!! 🙂 Great stuff!

  4. Nice use of wide angle!

  5. fabulous wide angle !

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