The Midnight Sun

The midnight sun shines in late afternoon across the cottonwood laced savannah land and high desert of Southern Utah. Early spring is trickling in and ushering in the warmer season when the trees will start to get some green on them. There is beauty in my world, and in my life. The land is apart of me, and I am apart of it. We are inseparable!

Greyhound Bus in Lowell, Arizona

Visit Bisbee, Arizona for a rare photogenic treat of ancient Americana, and old vehicles laying around. Just shy south of the historic town of Bisbee. Both towns are historic mining camps. Not too far to the north is the legendary town of Tombstone. Southeastern Arizona has a lot to offer a wandering photographer and desert rat.

Tire Swing in Lochiel, Arizona – Along the Mexican Border

This is a small ranching community on the very edge of Southern Arizona that straddles the border and the fenceline that separates Mexico and the US which can be seen to the South. I traversed this beautiful country for about 75 miles along Forest Route 61 and was advised by park rangers at Coronado National Monument not to travel solo because of drug traffickers and smugglers. When I spotted armed white ranchers patrolling the border, they were much more intimidating than just about anybody… The road ended in Nogales.

Discarded Baby Stroller at Picacho Peak, Arizona

This no man’s land is slightly north of Tucson, Arizona, just off the interstate. I avoided entering Picacho Peak State Park, because they try to make it to kosher. There’s nothing pristine to the landscape. I look for the garbage and abandoned trails that people leave behind because we share an intimate connection to the land. This stroller really added the spook that I wanted to capture. It tells me how harsh the Sonoran can be and to remember we are subject to the will of the planet. One day, civilization as we know it could become a relic, and artifact in and of itself. It’s all in how you choose to interpret the land and how we treat it…

Morning in Saguaro National Park

This is a second shot that I’ve decided to post on the photoblog here. I’ve captured many beautiful images of Southern Arizona and I’m tempted to post a bunch at once but will do so in my typical slow fashion until I can develop of standard photo series for each place that I’ve visited around Southern Arizona. I photographed a bunch of places between Bisbee and Tucson, Arizona. The beauty of Southeast Arizona is hard to surpass and I’m thinking of relocating and living there in order to capture more images of the area. So I hope that you enjoy these photos!

Morning Light in Saguaro National Park

There’s something very spiritual and supernatural about the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Words cannot describe what I’m feeling when traveling through that country and getting up early in the morning to see the beauty. The desert is a miracle with the abundance of plant life and the variety of things that wax strong in the outback. My thought process is starting to lean towards the Tucson area, and down into Mexico. I may end up moving into this country in the near future…

Early Morning in Naco, Mexico

I walked across the Arizona border into Mexico without a passport after spending a few days in Bisbee, Arizona. This is the little town of Naco. It gave me a little flavor of Mexico and what it has to offer me. I have some close Mexican friends back in Utah and wanted to see more of Mexico. On my way back to Arizona, Customs thought it would be fun to detain me just to make sure I was a legit citizen. Now I’m back in Utah and working on getting my passport. I would like to travel deeper into Sonora because of what the land may be able to teach me. This really is the closest foreign country to my back yard and it’s time to become more familiar with Mexico and it’s people.