Juniper Claws – Monument Valley Tribal Park

I’m thinking I should steering more towards color? I’ve always kinda seen color as being taboo and tried to desaturate my images with all worries surrounding color balance and using proper color space is always a hassle but I’m missing the days of positive slide film and Velvia. Digital is so sweet and I’m ready to take a visit to yesteryear. This is a dead juniper in Monument Valley Tribal Park on the Navajo Reservation near the Four Corners area. It’s starkly beautiful country and it’s probably my favorite place to photograph in the Desert Southwest.

Where Ghosts Haunt the Day…

Where ghosts haunt the day in an old abandoned mining mill and smelter. This is one of the random buildings where the wind spirits whistle through broken windows. This my friends, serves as a reminder that our civilization rots away on the edge of time and space. Our time on this earth is for a short while…….

Handheld Shot in Antelope Canyon

I’m not going to exaggerate the colors you usually see in photographs or other landscapes captured around the Southwest. These colors here are about as natural as I can get them other than the white balance on a digital camera being subjective. I’m not going to go out of my way and add strong color to these images, because it makes them look fake. Instead, I try to mimic the beauty of what I saw with my own eyes. Antelope Canyon is a beautiful place to visit but I need to spend more time in there to capture better images. As a tour guide, I’m always on a tight schedule and it would be fun to kick back and slow things down a bit when I visit these places.

Sands Motel – Saint George, Utah

Sands Motel in Saint George is one of the few hotels in Utah that really has an eerie feel of the Desert Southwest. When I mean by eerie is just secluded, a little rundown, and basically buzzing neon. Nonetheless, this is the rural decay that I love in Americana. This is the basic culture of the modern Southwest. If you think about it, not much has changed but there’s no guarantees that these old fashioned neon signs will be around forever.

My Friend, Mac

Because sometimes I prefer the company of my hoofed buddies, where they’re just glad to see you whenever. It was cold today and was snowing this morning. Someone needs to remind Mother Nature to take her Prozac.